Picture Books of Interest

There are many picture books that we have that are great for a younger crowd.  I will tell of some fun stories as I come across them.  If you have a favorite picture book, you may comment here also.  Angela

Title: The Dot
Author: Peter H. Reynolds
ISBN: 978-0-7636-1961-9

Vashti can’t draw. She is quite upset about this, until her teacher gives her a hint. “Just make a mark and see where it takes you.” Vashti creates a dot. Then she decides she can make a better dot. Her artistic career is born. I love this picture book because it tells children that they do not have to start anywhere fancy. They just have to try and something amazing could happen. I especially love the ending where Vashti passes on the lessons she has learned to another little boy.

Title: My Little Sister Ate One Hare
Author: Bill Grossman
Illustrator: Kevin Hawkes
ISBN: 978-0517885765

The book starts with the line ‘My little sister ate one hare’ and continues with absurd animals that the little sister eats. With each new animal that is eaten comes an extra piece of information, such as ‘My little sister ate three ants / She even ate their underpants’. Each extra descriptive line rhymes with the previous line to create a great cadence throughout the story. The story also encourages counting as each page increases the number of animals the little sister is eating. You would think that the little sister would throw up during the course of eating various animals and that is the magic of the story. I love to get the children I am reading to involved in this book by saying ‘But she didn’t’ at the end of each page. Of course, the story has to have a happy ending so the little sister eats ten peas and ends up throwing up all of the animals she has eaten during her magic show.

Title: The Odd Egg
Author and Illustrator: Emily Gravett
ISBN: 978-1-4169-6872-6

Duck wants to be just like all the other birds that have eggs. Therefore, he goes out and finds the most beautiful egg in the whole wide world, which the other birds make fun of, of course. Each egg hatches in turn with a fun section of partial pages, all except for ducks’ egg. Everyone just makes fun of duck, until the egg begins to hatch. An alligator comes out and tries to eat up all the other birds. The book ends with the alligator following ‘Mama’ duck and quacking. The appeal of the book to young readers is that the alligator trying to eat all of the other birds is so unexpected and BIG. Older readers will find the humor of the acceptance of the duck by the alligator and the payback that is given.

Title: Snowmen at Night
Author: Caralyn Buehner
Illustrated by: Mark Buehner
ISBN: 978-0-8037-2550-8

I love this book for its whimsical fancy that begins even on the first page before the title. A boy imagines how his snowman has gotten into such awful shape in just one night. His imaginings become what all boys and girls think are the best outdoor activities of all. The snowmen drink “ice-cold cocoa”, have races, go ice-skating, play baseball, have a snowball fight, and go sledding. All these things are fun especially when a snowman does it but what adds the fanciful nature are the pictures. Done in oil paints and acrylics, the illustrator has created a quality where the colors and the shapes grab you and lead your eye to notice more than just the snowmen but also the landscape they are playing in.

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