49. Dandelion Fire

By: N.D. Wilson
Level: J
Series: Book Two of the 100 Cupboards

Henry York is going home to Boston in two weeks. The problem is that Henry has found that he came from the cupboards and he wants to know where exactly he came from. Before he can start his explorations he is kidnapped by an evil wizard named Darius. Darius wants the secret of moving between worlds. Henrietta thinks that Henry left without her and tries to follow him through the cupboards but finds herself being chased by Faeren in a world that is being sucked dry by the evil Witch Queen of Endor. When Henry escapes from Darius, Darius arrives at the house in Kansas to find what he is looking for and ends up pulling the house into another world where it becomes stuck. Those who are stuck in this new world find they need basic necessities and so they go through the cupboard doors to find Uncle Frank’s old home. Everyone finds themselves in the middle of a war with the evil of Endor.

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