41. City of Glass

By: Cassandra Clare
Level: YA
Series: The Mortal Instruments, Book Three

Book Three sees Clary broken up with Simon, Jace a distant angry brother, and Simon as a vampire who can go into daylight. Clary is also determined to travel to the Shadowhunter home of Idris. Jace is just as determined that she not get there. As a result Jace and Simon end up in Indris and Clary has to break the law as she forces her way into Idris. Once in Idris, Jace and Clary’s relationship is hard to ignore while Simon is in trouble. On top of it all, Valentine is waging war on the City of Glass itself with a new diabolical plan to wipe out the unpure. A satisfying conclusion to the Valentine problem, but will the series continue with new bad guys and new questions that are left unanswered?

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40. Voss: How I Come to America and Am Hero, Mostly

By: David Ives
Level: YA

Voss has many outrageous adventures as a Slobovian illegal immigrant in America. He finds friends and validates his way of living against all odds. Voss must deal with a crazy uncle who thinks he owns everything in the world and a sick father who went to a hospital and disappeared. Voss also has to deal with Aleena Aleenska, who is adamant that they are fated to be married. Don’t expect perfect English, or Eenglish as Voss would say. As the novel comes to a conclusion there is also an unveiled political statement about illegal aliens. For all that, the author creates some hilarious circumstances that are a delight to see resolved.

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