31. The Midnight Twins

By: Jacquelyn Mitchard
Level: YA

Merry and Mally are mirror twins. When they look at themselves, they see their reflection. All their lives they have been able to communicate more than most twins and felt as close as a single person. Then, on their thirteenth birthday their lives change during a fire. Both twins survive, but now Merry can see the past and Mally can see the future. Both girls are upset that their lives are changing and they are no longer the single person that they were before. Through their visions, they find that they have to stop a killer. Both girls go through harrowing circumstances just to find each other again.

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30. The Lost Island of Tamarind

By: Nadia Aguiar
Level: YA

Maya, Simon, and Penny get stranded on a strange island after being separated from their parents in a storm. When they land at the island, they meet another boy named Helix. Helix tells them that the best place to look for their parents is in Port Town. It will take four days to get there through the jungle. They decide that is too long and take a river barge to the city. Unfortunately, that is when the adventures begin. The logbook from their boat is full of notations about strange creatures their parents were finding. On the island, they find the source of the creatures and what makes them so special. It is a mineral called ophalla. There is civil war throughout the island because of the ophalla. Maya, Simon, and Penny go on strange adventures as they try to make their way back to their parents.

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29. Test

By: William Sleator
Level: YA

Ann is worried about the man following her on a motorcycle and making threatening gestures. There is a logo on the motorcycle. A boy at school, Lep, wears the same logo on his t-shirt. In addition, the same logo is on the XCAS test. Ann finds out that Mr. Warren makes the XCAS test that every student has to take and owns the apartment building where her father works. Her father is making trouble with the building manager by trying to advocate for the tenants. Ann fears for her family’s safety, as well as Lep’s safety, as Mr. Warren takes an interest in their lives. However, what can two teenagers do against a powerful man like Mr. Warren? When there is enough momentum, you might be surprised. One concern with this novel, are issues in our time may be considered real and not fictionalized to emphasize the good vs. evil nature of the story.

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