6. Night World Volume 1 (including Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness, and Spellbinder)

By: L. J. Smith

Level: YA

Series: Night World


There are rules in the Night World.  However, there are two rules that will get you killed if you break them.  #1 – Never fall in love with a human.  #2 – Do not tell humans about the Night World.  Things are happening that should not be happening.  Night World people are soul bonding with humans.  This can get them killed.  So, what happens when the hunter bonds, or the governing council finds you breaking the law?  Things can get messy.  Read these teen romances and find where the supernatural can take you.

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  1. i love this book and the rest of this story and i hope the 3rd book will be just as marvelous.

  2. I love the Night World series. I read the first volume in two days and two hours. Now I’m reading the second book. The Night World inspires me.

  3. i love night world even though im still reading it

  4. i have read all 3 volumes and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love the Night World books and I’m writing a book review for English and I chose the first Night World volume!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Night World!1

  6. i love this book im so addictive to this book and i only started it on saturday


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