5. Brisingr

By: Christopher Paolini

Level: YA

Series: Inheritance Cycle #3


Eragon has been reunited with his family and friends from Carvahall on the Burning Plains in Surda.  Nothing is resolved and Eragon has many things to learn yet if he is going to defeat King Galbatorix.  First, though, he and Roran must go and save Katrina from the Razac.  With this task accomplished, Eragon continues on his journeys to oversee the election of a new dwarf king, then to finish his elven training.  With the help of 12 elven sorcerers Eragon and Saphira repulse an attack by Murtagh and Thorn, although barely.  At the end, nothing is resolved, but the Varden are continuing to push towards Galbatorix in his citadel.  This was supposed to be the final volume, but in an endnote the author explains that to keep the character development he needed to expand to four volumes.  This is quite disappointing.

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  1. Looking forward to this even less now! Looks like you are making good progress towards your goal.

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