11. Saga

By: Conor Kostick

Level: YA

Sequel to: Epic


Picking up after the demise of Epic, Saga infiltrates the computer system of New Earth and addicts all new users.  If the users try to stop playing, they will die.  The only user that does not seem affected is an anomalous program that did not die when Epic was overwritten by Saga.  That user is Cindella.  Meanwhile, in Saga Ghost does not know who she is, but she knows she is not in the system and therefore in trouble.  That trouble increases as her friends start rebelling against the Dark Queen and instigating a social revolution.  They feel the current class system is wrong and want to change it.  Ghost and her friends end up allying themselves with Cindella to change the outside world and with a mysterious man named Michelotto, who is an avowed assassin of the Dark Queen’s.  As with Epic, Saga created a compelling story that stands well in its own right.  I wonder if there will be more to the story.

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10. The Maze of Bones

By: Rick Riordan

Level: J

Series: The 39 Clues, Book 1


Amy and Dan Cahill are orphans.  They visited their grandmother, Grace, on weekends until she died of cancer.  In her will, Grace has chosen those with Cahill blood, from all around the world, to participate in a hunt.  The team that finishes the search first will inherit everything.  Everyone else gets nothing.  Amy and Dan have to fight against relatives that hate them and who are conspiring against them.  Everyone else thinks that Amy and Dan have special knowledge because they were Grace’s favorites.  With a race from Boston, to Philadelphia, and Paris the children race to find the next clue that will lead them to their destiny.



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9. A Giant Problem

By: Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black

Level: J

Series: Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 2


Nick and Laurie are back to battle giants with Noseeum Jack.  Except all the giants are awake and are rampaging across the town.  Nick and Lori lose their home to the giants and the development their dad is working on is ruined.  The two have also stopped helping the nixie to find her sisters, so she is mad at them.  With their big brother Jules and his girlfriend helping, the giant problem is taken care of.  But, is that a good thing?

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8. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

By: Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

Level: YA


Nick is straight and sings in a gay band.  He sees his ex come to the club with another guy.  Nick asks Norah if she will be his five-minute girlfriend.  Norah sees Tris and wants to avoid her.  So, she kisses Nick and the night begins.  Nick is messed up by his ex, Norah is messed up about her ex, and they both yearn for their ex’s and want to escape them.  Together they explore New York City’s punk music scene throughout one looooong night.  The movie is now out in theatres.

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7. The New Girl

By: Meg Cabot

Level: J

Series: Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls #2


Allie is excited, she is starting a new school and she has the perfect outfit to wear since all of her leggings are packed.  She is wearing her favorite skirt with jeans underneath, so no one will see her underpants on the playground.  This is very sensible, unlike her brother Kevin who is wearing his pirate costume.  The problem is Allie’s first day of school does not go as planned.  Her outfit is not clever, it is funny, and not in a good way.  Also, Allie writes an essay about how excited she is about her new kitten Mewsette who will be born soon, but the class bully Rosemary reads it to the whole class in a little kid voice.  When Rosemary gets in trouble she declares she is going to kill Allie.  As usual, Allie gets by relying on the rules she puts around her life.  She makes it through okay.

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6. Night World Volume 1 (including Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness, and Spellbinder)

By: L. J. Smith

Level: YA

Series: Night World


There are rules in the Night World.  However, there are two rules that will get you killed if you break them.  #1 – Never fall in love with a human.  #2 – Do not tell humans about the Night World.  Things are happening that should not be happening.  Night World people are soul bonding with humans.  This can get them killed.  So, what happens when the hunter bonds, or the governing council finds you breaking the law?  Things can get messy.  Read these teen romances and find where the supernatural can take you.

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5. Brisingr

By: Christopher Paolini

Level: YA

Series: Inheritance Cycle #3


Eragon has been reunited with his family and friends from Carvahall on the Burning Plains in Surda.  Nothing is resolved and Eragon has many things to learn yet if he is going to defeat King Galbatorix.  First, though, he and Roran must go and save Katrina from the Razac.  With this task accomplished, Eragon continues on his journeys to oversee the election of a new dwarf king, then to finish his elven training.  With the help of 12 elven sorcerers Eragon and Saphira repulse an attack by Murtagh and Thorn, although barely.  At the end, nothing is resolved, but the Varden are continuing to push towards Galbatorix in his citadel.  This was supposed to be the final volume, but in an endnote the author explains that to keep the character development he needed to expand to four volumes.  This is quite disappointing.

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4. The Prophet of Yonwood

By: Jeanne DuPrau

Level: YA

Series: Book of Ember #3


Althea Tower has had a vision!  There is a crisis between the nations of the world and Althea Tower has seen the horrible devastation this may cause.  Her vision has left her incapacitated with Mrs. Brenda Beeson looking out for her welfare, and interpreting her vision for the whole town.  Nickie Townsend has come to Yonwood, North Carolina with three goals in mind.  #1 – to keep her great-grandfather’s house from being sold, #2 – to fall in love, and #3 – to do something helpful for the world.  In Yonwood, Nickie tries to save the world according to Mrs. Beeson, which brings more questions than answers.  She finds two boys (that she cannot see herself never leaving like in the romance novels she finds) who she befriends.  Meanwhile, Nickie’s aunt is selling the house around her and Nickie is having a hard time not getting it sold.  All the elements come together in a fantastic conclusion.  The book leads right up to The City of Ember, the first book in the series.

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