3. Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox

By: Eoin Colfer

Level: YA

Series: Artemis Fowl


Artemis Fowl is back in our time, but he is not finding it easy.  Artemis has to mesmerize his parents so they do not notice he is younger than he should be.  Then his mother becomes deathly ill and magic cannot help.  The only cure for the disease is a lemur from Madagascar.  The problem, Artemis helped make this particular extinct eight years previously.  Therefore, of course Artemis and Holly Short have to travel back in time and try to rescue the lemur.  This book combines old friends and enemies from previous books that make the adventure poignant and frustrating.

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2. The Legend of Spud Murphy

By: Eoin Colfer

Illustrated by: Glenn McCoy

Level: J


Spud Murphy is a librarian.  It is said that if you don’t do what she says, she will shoot you with her spud gun.  Will and Marty Woodman are having a great summer until they are told they have to spend six hours a week in the library.  Terror is struck into their hearts.  Marty has to be a wise guy and break the rules.  After getting an “I LOVE BARBIE” tattoo, he never breaks them again.  Then Marty breaks the rules, uh-oh.  Enjoy this funny and outrageously exaggerated book.

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1. The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

By: James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Level: YA



James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge have created a new series with an interesting new twist.  Like his Maximum Ride novels, James Patterson again has a teenager saving the world.  The twist for this new series is that Daniel X is an alien.  Daniel X was orphaned at the age of three.  “The Prayer”, an insectile alien, killed his parents for a list they supposedly had.  Daniel fled until age 12 when he retrieved the list and started hunting down the criminals on it.  Who are these criminals?  “The Prayer” is #1 on his list.  The others are aliens who are destroying our Earth in many inconceivable ways.  Daniel is now 15.  He is still chasing aliens, but he has decided to try high school and romance.  The combinations are explosive.  Look for more to come in what looks like a new series.

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