Your Turn Now!

The “50 Book Challenge” was undertaken during the 2007-2008 school year. Librarian Angela Sorensen wrote 50 book reviews of YA and J-level fiction. Now it is your turn to comment. Do you agree or disagree with Angela’s review? Do you have something more to add about the story? Go ahead and do it here. All comments will be reviewed at least once a week, before being posted.

Angela would also like you to know that anyone 10-18 is invited to write a book review. A peer book review binder can be found in the Young Adult Room just off Youth Services. Once a youth has written a book review they are entered into a monthly raffle and eligible to win a prize. Who knows, your review may may make a guest appearance here.

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50. Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks

            In this J-level novel Cadel Piggott learns the truth about his life.  He was adopted as a baby but learns, at the age of seven, that his father is the reknown Dr. Phineas Darkkon.  Cadel Piggott is a genius and he is guided by his psychologist mentor Dr. Thaddeus Roth.  Roth leads Cadel to delve into systems, which is Cadel specialty, as long as he is not caught by law enforcement.  Cadel wreaks havoc throughout his school years until he graduates at the age of thirteen.  Cadel is enrolled in the Axis Institute which is a front for Dr. Darkkon’s continued research.  At the Axis Institute Cadel learns what his is truly capable of and makes lasting decisions about his future.

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49. Time Soldiers series by Kathleen Duey and Robert Gould

            This J-level series meets many young adventurers.  It all begins when six friends find a glowing portal in the woods.  They go through the portal and travel back in time to see dinosaurs.  They make sure to videotape all of their exciting adventures but men in dark suits steal their tape when they return.  The Time Soldiers know that the portal will open again and train by studying history, and survival skills.  When the portal opens they travel through to have adventures with King Arthur, in Ancient Egypt, and Japan in the 18th century.  Their travels always seem to be exciting.  A glowing green gem also begins to appear.  Will the Time Soldiers learn the truth about the stone and the portals?  I’m not sure, the series will have to continue.

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48. The Sisters Club by Megan McDonald

            In this J-level book, Alex, Stevie, and Joey are sisters.  That means they come with all the happy, mad, sad and hilarious sister moments.  The book begins with Alex(the oldest) teaching the younger sisters how to paint their toenails with marchmallows between their toes.  This is just one activity of the sister club.  Alex is the oldest in seventh grade and gets her own room where she practices her lines all day long.  Stevie is the middle sister in fifth grade.  A lot of times she feels all alone but she is reassured that she is the glue of the family.  Joey is the youngest in third grade.  She doesn’t feel like she is assigned enough homework, so she makes up her own.  Each sister has to go through their own transitions when Alex gets the lead in a play, their mom gets a cooking show on tv, and the Sisters Club is disbanded.

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