41. The Final Warning by James Patterson

            The fourth book in the YA-level Maximum Ride series has a heavy global warning message.  The premise for the series is that 6 kids escaped from “The School” where they were genetically created and kept in dog crates like animals.  Some of the genetic modifications are cool, like bird wings so they can fly.  Other modifications can be scary, like reading people’s minds.

            In this fourth installment, Max and the other bird kids are appearing in the Capitol to see if the government can do anything for them.  Then someone plants a bomb in their pizza delivery, so they go on the run.  A refuge is found as research assistants in Antarctica.  Then things go wrong like they always do.  Along the way each bird kid finds out facts about what global warming is doing to the earth and how they can help save the world.  Saving the world is a recurring theme throughout the series, but this is the first time a specific goal beyond survival is spelled out as such.

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