40. The Sky Inside by Clare B. Dunkle

            In this YA-level book Martin lives in suburbia, under the dome, with his parents and WonderBaby little sister.  His life is routine, with school and the morning vote, until he receives a modified bot dog for his birthday.  His dog seems to be able to access things that other pets can’t.  Martin finds a boy who has been missing for two years, then the lab coat woman comes to collect him.  Martin finds more and more strange things about his world than he ever imagined.  The last straw is when the stranger comes and collects all of the WonderBabies to go to a new special school just for them.  His little sister Cassie is gone and there is a question if she ever went to the new special school.  Martin decides he is going to go “outside”.  He knows the poison gas and blowing sand will probably kill him but he has to find out what happened to Cassie.  The strong social commentary evident in this novel may scare some with its plausibility.

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