29. Letters from Rapunzel by Sara Lewis Holmes

            Rapunzel begins by finding a letter to Box #5667 in this J-level book.  She thinks that the recipient of Box #5667 is a friend of her father’s and she could use some help.  Her father is in the hospital because of an evil spell (clinical depression) and Rapunzel uses her pseudonym to write to Box #5667 because she feels trapped in an evil fairy tale.  Since her father is gone she is exiled to Homework Club until 5:00pm every day, her mother works nights delivering babies, and she is tormented with the aspect of a gifted program to attend on Fridays.  The problem is that Box #5667 never writes back.  In fact, they don’t even seem to pick up their mail at all.  How will Rapunzel navigate the rivers of her life? and do fairy tales ever truly have happy endings?

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