25. Babymouse: Puppy Love by Jennifer L. and Matthew Holm

            Babymouse is back in her eighth installment as a J-level graphic novel.  Babymouse is a mouse that lives in a house and goes to school with other various animals.  Her archenemy is a cat, her best friend Wilson is a weasel, and her locker is trying to eat her.  Babymouse has a great imagination, which the narrator tries to knock down to reality. 

In this installment Babymouse’s goldfish has died.  Again.  Babymouse asks to have a puppy but is told no.  So, she goes through multiple pets that seem to disappear and she does not know why (I wonder if you can find out what happens to them).  Finally, Babymouse gives up.  Of course, this is when a stray puppy comes into Babymouse’s life.  Her dream come true.  Find out if this is really true by reading the book.

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