20. The Castle Corona by Sharon Creech

            A Newbery Medal award winner author writes this J-level book.  Each character, from peasants Pia and Enzio, to the royal family, to the royal hermits, is quirky and not quite what you would expect.  Trouble begins when a thief is chased in the forest.  Pia and Enzio find the treasure but then are fearful that they will be labeled thieves as well.  The king is upset because there has never been a thief in his kingdom before and now all sorts of things seem to be disappearing and reappearing.  The royal hermit seems to be conspiring with the Wordsmith and the queens’ new hermit.  It is all getting confusing.  Even as the book ends the whole story is explained but new stories seem to be just over the horizon.  Don’t look for a sequel to this book.

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