14. Piper Reed Navy Brat by Kimberly Willis Holt

            This J-level fiction book is a moving story about a girl finding her identity after moving across the country.  Piper Reed has been living in San Diego for the past few years and now she is moving.  Which isn’t so bad, except this time the family did not live on an Army base and she started making friends and her life is about to go away.  Also, every time before the family has moved during the summer, NOT during the school year.  Piper is going to miss the German shepherd, Kip, next door; her Gypsy Club; and the tree house in the back yard; not to mention having her own room and two bathrooms.  The family heads out cross-country and we get a glimpse of how close the family can be as well as how annoying having to share a car with two sisters can be.  When they reach Pensacola, Florida life is certainly different.  Piper is determined to have her life back.  The family gets a dog, which she gets to name Bruna. With the help of her two sisters Piper begins a new Gypsy Club.  And one of her greatest accomplishments, she has started the saying “Get off the bus!” in a new state!

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