11. Mercy Watson goes for a ride by Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by Chris Van Dusen

            Mercy Watson is a happy-go-lucky pig who loves buttered toast in this Easy Reader J-level book.  Her parents love her to bits and think that she can do no wrong.  Eugenia Lincoln, one of the sisters next door, thinks pigs should not live in houses and thoroughly disapproves of Mercy.  However, Eugenia’s sister, Baby, thinks that Mercy has quite an interesting life and would like to join in.  Mr. Watson is taking Mercy on their Sunday drive when Baby decides to join them without their knowledge.  An interesting chase ensues involving the police, a car crash, and Eugenia being displeased.  But all is well that ends well, and for Mercy Watson that means piles of hot buttered toast.

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10. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare The Mortal Instruments Book One

            In many ways this YA-level book has a dark element running throughout it.  Clary Fray finds herself drawn into a world she did not know existed.  In fact, this world was deliberately kept secret from her by magic.  Once her mother disappears and she is drawn into the Shadowhunter world, all of her life comes unraveled with different meaning.  Along the way she meets Jace, an accomplished Shadowhunter, who has a drastically different outlook on life shaped by his experiences in a demon-filled world.  Can love and trust prevail?  Will a prediction of  falling in love with the wrong person prove true?  Exactly what is Clary’s past that has been kept from her all of her life?  These questions begin to receive answers but more answers and questions will come in future installments of the series.

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9. Crown of Horns by Jeff Smith Bone series

This is the ninth and final installment in the series.  It is considered a YA graphic novel.  The premise of the series is that three bone characters are kicked out of Boneville and end up in a valley.  While in the valley they get caught up in the affairs of the ruling family and the dragons.  In the end good must struggle against evil, and allegiances are tested.  The series encompasses some grim scenes as it progresses, but keeps a light humor throughout, as well.  Issues such as racism, relationships, greed, and loyalty are touched upon with a light hand at times and a heavier hand at others.  Overall, the series is well written, and the release of each volume in color enhances the pathos it conveys.

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8. Party Princess by Meg Cabot The Princess Diaries

            Party Princess is Volume VII in the Princess Diaries series which can be found in the Young Adult Room.  The book takes place during Princess Mia’s sophomore year of high school.  She is still battling her grandmere’s involvement in her life, defining her relationship with Lilly her best friend, and overreacting to the problems of teenage life.  As in previous books Mia is insecure about her relationship with Michael, gets caught up in school activities, and makes a fool of herself in public.  Of course, this neurotic teenager manages to get through her series of perceived troubles to get to a “happy” place.

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