7. The Fox by Sherwood Smith

            This is the sequel to Inda and is an upper YA-level book for violence and sexual themes.  We greet Inda (Indevan Algara-Vayir of Choraed Elgaer) where the last book leaves off, in the hands of pirates.  In this installment of the series, Inda is torn by decisions of loyalty.  Inda has not been back to Iasca Leror since he was first set to sea, but he is torn when the Venn approach and endanger the whole southern continent, using pirates to tear commerce and trade to shreds. Meanwhile, plots at home are decimating the royal family who is trying to weather through knowing worse is on the way.  Inda must choose between pirates, mates, family, and country.  In the end, we are left with most of these choices unrevealed with a glimmer of hope shining through.  Sherwood Smith continues with excellent themes of seafaring, politics, loyalty, love, and warfare through a complex alternate world.

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6. Nixie’s Song by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles

            In the first book of this new J-Level series, Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black go beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles to tell the tale of Laurie and Nick Vargas.  Laurie Vargas is Nick’s new stepsister.  When she takes over his room she brings along her copy of Arthur Spiderwick’s field guide to the fantastical world around you.  Nick thinks she’s lame until he finds a body he recognizes from the guide and the two team up.  He and Laurie help save a nixie who was separated from her sisters when a troll got angry and attacked the nixies.  The mystery continues as Nick and Laurie are tasked with finding the nixie’s sisters and trying to stay alive. Along the way they meet Jared Grace (from the original Spiderwick Chronicles) who decides to help them defeat their troll.

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5. The Gorgon’s Gaze by Julia Golding The Companions Quartet Book Two

            J-level Fiction.  In the second installment of this quartet Connie Lionheart is in for some changes.  Her great aunt and uncle take her away to an old family home where she cannot talk to anyone from the Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures.  She is not allowed to meet with her Companion, or even go to school.  The society knows that she is in danger from Kullervo at some point, but does not know where or when he will strike next.  Through a fluke Connie finds out more about her family’s true heritage which helps with her struggle against Kullervo.

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4. Urchin and the Heartstone by M.I. McAllister The Mistmantle Chronicles Book Two

            A J-level fiction book, this is the second book in a series.  Urchin is enjoying his new life as a companion to the king.  He is making new friends and getting ready for the coronation when a battered ship arrives in the harbor.  Mistmantle’s former unruly occupants have been creating trouble on Whitewings Island and their king requests the help of Urchin, as he is a marked squirrel of prophecy.  Before an answer may be given the Heartstone is found to be fake, Urchin is kidnapped, and Juniper disappears.  Follow Urchin through fear, discovery of his past, betrayal, and a riding of the stars.

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3. Tiger by Jeff Stone The Five Ancestors Book 1

The first in a series of five books all based on an animal name.  YA-level fiction. 

Fu has lived his whole life in the secret Cangzhen Temple with his brothers learning different fighting styles.  His brother Ying leads an army from the emperor to destroy the temple and all who live there so that he may master the secrets of the dragon.  Fu and his four brothers escape separately into the countryside where Ying pursues them.  Fu learns many lessons on his own and gets into even greater trouble as he learns them.  A good first book, I can’t wait to find out what happens in the end.

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2. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

This is the third book in the series.  The first two books are titled Twilight and New Moon.  The series can be found in YA-level fiction.

Eclipse continues the stories of Bella, Edward, and Jacob as well as their families.  Bella is back to a “normal” life for her as she looks forward to graduation.  Upon graduation she has decided to become a vampire.  The question is will she comply with Edward’s terms of marriage or not.  As Bella truly confronts herself and what it means to become a vampire an unknown army is coming closer. Bella must choose what to do with her and Jacob’s relationship while he brings unexpected allies to the battle. 

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