1. The Fire Within by Chris D’Lacey

     This is the first book in a series. It is considered a J-level book. There is a big green dragon face on the front cover so I figured the book would be about dragons. I chose the book because it seems popular and goes out a lot.

      I was half wrong about the dragon. This book is a snapshot of a mother-daughter family who loves their cat and dragons. They live in a small town in contemporary Massachusetts. The family invites a college student, David, to live with them. Mrs. Pennykettle is an artist who makes a clay dragon, Gadzooks, for David. He is drawn to Gadzooks and wonders about what makes him so special. As he wonders, he is drawn into helping Lucy save Conker, the squirrel. Squirrels? Yes, that is the main theme of the book. Saving a squirrel. By saving Conker from a mean neighbor David learns to love the family and his own magical dragon.

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